The Worst Hard Time

The National Book Award winning account of the Dust Bowl, the nation’s worst environmental disaster – a story of endurance and heroism, and a powerful cautionary tale about the dangers of trifling with nature.

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A New York Times Bestseller,  a New York Times Editors’ Choice, a New York Times Notable Book of the Year, a Washington State Book Award Winner, and a Book Sense Book of the Year Honor Book.  

–“This is can’t-put-it-down history.” Walter Cronkite

–“A flat-out masterpiece of historical reportage.” The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

–“Searing history…Egan offers dramtic descriptions  of the storms that vividly recreate their apocalyptic fury. He really excels, however, in capturing the human  suffering they inflicted…a sobering, heart-wrenching book.” Washington Post Book World.

–“A classic disaster tale.” The New York Times

–“A vivid and gritty piece of forgotten history from the darkest days of the Depression. It’s a great read about a horrible time, filled with lessons still worth learning.” USA Today

–“Masterfully captures the story of our nation’s greatest environmental disaster.” Chicago Tribune

–“This story is a classic tragedy, with all the elements of ambition, pride and retribution.” San Francisco Chronicle

–“Haunts a reader from the first pages.” The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH)